Mitaka Co., Ltd.

We produce, Straight wires, Long coiled sheaths, Stylets, Mandrels, Micro coil springs, Deformed wire coil springs, Discharge needles, contact probes, Wire probes, Suspension wires, Jigs for probing sockets



1765-1 Menuma, Kumagaya-shi,
Saitama, Japan 〒360-0201
TEL +81-48-588-5552
FAX +81-48-589-0040



Medical straight wires
Long coiled sheaths
Precious metal coils
Stylets, Mandrels
Embolus coils
Contact probes
Wire probes
Jigs for probing sockets
Suspension wires
Discharge needles
Deformed wire coil springs


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Privacy Policy

Private Information Policy

(Definition of Private Information)

Private information refers to the information related to an individual such as name, date of birth, sex, telephone number, email address, profession and/or company, by which he/she can be identified.


(Collection and Use of Private Information)

The company will collect and use private information for the following purposes and within the scope thereof.

The company will not collect or use any private information unless it is voluntarily provided by its customer(s). The customer who has provided his/her private information will be deemed to have given his/her consent to the company's use of private information according to its privacy policy.

・For enquiry or confirmation from the company as required for business reasons, and/or collecting opinions for service improvement.

・For handling various enquiries

(Provision of Private Information to a Third Party)
Unless there is a justifiable reason such as the requirements of the law, the company will not disclose or provide any private information to a third party without prior consent of the person.


(Monitoring of the Contractors)

In order to perform our operation, such as providing products or services to our customers, the company may provide part of private information to its external contractors. In such cases, the company will monitor and control the contractors so that they will handle the private information in an appropriate manner.

(Private Information Management)

The company will appoint a private information manager to prevent private information from being leaked, destructed or damaged, and strive to keep it sufficiently safe and protected, as well as to manage retained private information appropriately to keep it accurate and updated.


(Enquiry on, Amendment or Deletion of the Information)

In cases where our customer wishes to enquire on, make an amendment to, or delete his/her private information retained at the company, we will accommodate such a request as quickly as reasonably possible after confirming it is made by the person himself/herself.