Mitaka Co., Ltd.

We produce, Straight wires, Long coiled sheaths, Stylets, Mandrels, Micro coil springs, Deformed wire coil springs, Discharge needles, contact probes, Wire probes, Suspension wires, Jigs for probing sockets



1765-1 Menuma, Kumagaya-shi,
Saitama, Japan 〒360-0201
TEL +81-48-588-5552
FAX +81-48-589-0040



Medical straight wires
Long coiled sheaths
Precious metal coils
Stylets, Mandrels
Embolus coils
Contact probes
Wire probes
Jigs for probing sockets
Suspension wires
Discharge needles
Deformed wire coil springs


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About Us

Message from President

We see constant advancement in the healthcare and electronics industries. Moreover, we have been developing our technology to accommodate the requirements in the areas of the infinitesimals from micro to nano, pico and femto. I have no doubt that our Company is going to play a significant role in this "small world.“
From our founding, Mitaka has been steadily working with mico-technology.


President  Eigo Tajima


Message from President


Company Profile

Company Name Mitaka Co., Ltd.
President Eigo Tajima
Address 1765-1 Menuma, Kumagaya-shi, Saitama, Japan 〒360-0201
TEL +81-48-588-5552
FAX +81-48-589-0040
Products ■Medical coils, Platinum coils, Precious metal coils, Coil tips, Long coiled sheaths
■Medical components Stylets, Mandrels, Core wires
■Contact probes Extra fine probes with the sleeve external diameter of 0.1μm
■Wire probes Material Tungsten, Rhenium tungsten Wire diameterφ 30μm
■Suspension wires Wire diameterφ40μm, Environment-friendly beryllium free copper
■Various micro springs, The industry's "best-in-class" springs with wire diameter φ of 16μm, Highly precise antenna springs
■Micro assembly, Guidewire assembly, Contact probe assembly
Capital JPY10million
Establishment日 October, 1991
Employees 30
Bank The Gunma Bank


Corporate History

October 1991 Established in Kamine, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
July 1994 The headquarter and factory relocated to Mutogo, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
October 1998 The headquarter and factory newly built in Mutogo, Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture
January 2001 Hong Kong office "Kyoritsu (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd." and a China factory
"Dong Guan Chang Ping Kyouritsu Metal Factory" each established
March 2003 Affiliated company, "MTK Technology Co., Ltd." established in Hong Kong
July 2009 The construction for the new headquarter and factory started
January 2010 The new headquarter building completed
February 2010 Trade name changed from "Mitaka Limited Company" to "Mitaka Co., Ltd.
June 2011 ISO Accreditation attained(NQA Japan)
January 2012 Capital increased



Board of Directors     Sales Engineering Department      
        General Affairs/Accounting Department      
    Quality Assurance Department     Production Group #1
Eigo Tajima
      Environmental Management Department     Production Group #2
    Technological Development Department     Production Group #3
    Production Department     QS Inspection Group



To achieve the sustainable environment, a universal goal for all human beings, we operate our business to reduce and eliminate environmentally hazardous substances and to reduce waste and energy consumption.



In our effort to meet our customer’s expectations, we design and develop our own technologies to manufacture straight wires and long coiled sheaths. If a client requests us to develop a new product, we will work partner together by researching its processing methods and developing the process required for mass-production.