Mitaka Co., Ltd.

We produce, Straight wires, Long coiled sheaths, Stylets, Mandrels, Micro coil springs, Deformed wire coil springs, Discharge needles, contact probes, Wire probes, Suspension wires, Jigs for probing sockets



1765-1 Menuma, Kumagaya-shi,
Saitama, Japan 〒360-0201
TEL +81-48-588-5552
FAX +81-48-589-0040



Medical straight wires
Long coiled sheaths
Precious metal coils
Stylets, Mandrels
Embolus coils
Contact probes
Wire probes
Jigs for probing sockets
Suspension wires
Discharge needles
Deformed wire coil springs


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Quality Assurance




Believing the quality of products offered to our customers is the priority, we have attained the ISO9001:2008 accreditation in 2011. We have also set up the QS group within our organization, and established a system to examine and improve the quality and safety of our products independently.