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We produce, Straight wires, Long coiled sheaths, Stylets, Mandrels, Micro coil springs, Deformed wire coil springs, Discharge needles, contact probes, Wire probes, Suspension wires, Jigs for probing sockets



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Medical straight wires
Long coiled sheaths
Precious metal coils
Stylets, Mandrels
Embolus coils
Contact probes
Wire probes
Jigs for probing sockets
Suspension wires
Discharge needles
Deformed wire coil springs


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Electronic Equipment Components

Our processing technology is applied to a wide range of electronic products. Suspension wire is an important piece for the optical pick up component of CD/DVD/Blue-Ray, etc., and our company supplies approximately 50% of the optic pick up products worldwide. Discharge needles are used for the ionizers in air filters or devices for protection against electrostatic discharge. Micro coiled springs and variant coiled springs have applications in various fields. One of them is for smartphones and tablet computers, which have recently seen its demand surge.


Suspension Wires

Suspension Wires


Straightened, silver-plated beryllium copper wires are used as an important part of the optical pick up device in CD/DVD/Blue-Ray, etc., for transducing the sound and image data accurately.

Materials: Phosphor bronze, Beryllium copper, Beryllium free copper, Piano wires, Various SUS wires, Tungsten, Rhenium tungsten
Wire diameter φ: 0.04mm Total length: up to 80mm

Available wire diameters and total lengths can vary depending on the material.


Discharge Needles

Discharge Needles


Hard tungsten is cut and shaped to form a fine needle, with high voltage discharged at its tip, which allows the air to be ionized for its anti-bacterial or anti-static electricity properties.

Material: Tungsten


Micro/Variant Coil Springs

Minimum spring Antenna spring Profiled spring




Material Toss micron SH
Wire diameter φ 0.017mm
Outer diameter φ 0.08mm
full length L 2.5mm
Material Stainless silver-plated
Wire diameter φ 0.1mm
Outer diameter φ 2.27mm
full length L 3.94mm(Coil section)
Material Stainless
Wire diameter φ 0.1mm
Outer diameter φ 0.8mm
full length L 1.35mm


Our engineers, who excel at making super micro springs, have experience and sensibility / creativity to produce large orders of springs in consistent quality that meet our customers' exact standards. We never stop seeking new technology to satisfy our customers' specifications. A large number of those delicate and minute springs, which are the fruit of our inquiring sprits, are used in products such as mobile devices.

Materials: A range of SUS, Piano wires, Copper alloys (beryllium copper, phosphor bronze), Tungsten, Wire diameter: 0.016mm up, External diameter φ: 0.08mm up
We have learnt from our experience that it takes time to source ultrafine materials. To meet our customers request for micro coil springs at a short lead time, we hold a wide range of stock at our company.


Straightened Wires

Straightened Wires


Metal wires of 1.0mm or less in diameter are available, straightened and cut to a desired length with its ends finely finished. We also have finer materials of less than 0.040mm in diameter in some metal wire products.

Materials: Various SUS, Piano wires, Copper alloys (beryllium copper, phosphor bronze), Tungsten, Rhenium tungsten, Wire diameter φ: 0.040~1.00mm, Total length: up to 80mm